If we promote curiosity and the constant change of perspective in people, we can become aware that the potential for change (in us and society) is at least as great as the challenges that need to be met in the future.

  • OWN ProjeCTS

    Reflecta Filmfestival

    2010 - today

    Under the permanent motto "Rethink Your World", the Reflecta Film Festival combines thematically appropriate films with debates, workshops, concerts and networking events. The topics are always (self-)critically oriented and should inspire a change of perspective. The aim is to constructively address the questions of a sustainable world - and us in it - and to develop a picture for the respective region.

    Green City Guide


    The Green City Guide presents cities from their most beautiful, greenest, most ecological and fairest sides. With numerous tips on shopping, cafés, and restaurants with ecological and fair products as well as green and cultural leisure tips, the Green City Guide is unique and an inexhaustible source of information for anyone who wants to inform themselves or become active. The guides for the cities of Mainz, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and Cologne are available in bookshops all over Germany.



    Reflecta.Network offers the space to realize sustainable and social projects together with like-minded people. The exchange of own ideas, inspirations or concrete projects and the gradual realization of these visions, gets a lively platform here. Through mutual help, tangible tips and collective design, we make it easier for each other to change the world.

  • ImpulseS

    Lectures, workshop participation, conferences, articles



    Lecture/Curation: ÖkoRausch Festival Cologne 2017



    Workshop: BMW the next 100 Los Angeles 2016 (English)


    Curation/Lecture: Artivist Award Es Baluard Palma 2015 & 2016 (Spanish)

  • Past projects, curations, consultations - a selection

    Panel discussion (German)

    25.10.2017,18:00, Kulturei Mainz

    "How do we jointly create climate neutrality - communication, participation, interaction?"
    Great goals can only be achieved together. In personal discussions with actors from business, politics, science, and administration the program "Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz Mainz" would like to develop creative and innovative ideas, how the ambitious climate protection goals can be achieved and the quality of life of the city can be increased.





    Dr. Tobias Brozse, Member of the Board of Management of Mainzer Stadtwerke

    Andreas Klodt, Dean of Mainz, EHKN

    Daniela Mahr, founder of Reflecta Festival and Reflecta Network

    Dr. Ulrich Matthes, Rhineland-Palatinate Competence Center for Climate Change Impact

    Andrian Szugger, senior high school speaker Theresianum Mainz


    Moderation: Carina Schmidt

    Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz Mainz - A concept becomes reality

    Climate diplomacy in Bonn - Practical climate protection in Mainz

    Presentation of the Reflecta.Network (German)

    16.11.2017, 17:00, IHK, Schillerplatz 7 Mainz

    This time, Pitch&Network Rhein-Main is embedded in the first Mainz Social Enterprise Day, which is organized by the Cool Ideas Society as part of the Gründerwoche.


    Dr Alexandra Partale, Founder of Place2help
    Georg Schürmann, Managing Director Triodos Bank
    Günter Jertz, Managing Director IHK Rheinhessen
    Dr. Volker Wissing, Minister of Economic Affairs of Rhineland-Palatinate
    Michael Wunsch & Birgit Heilig, Head of Cool Ideas Society Rhein Main
    Daniel Brandes, Founder ConCup

    In a short lecture, Daniela Mahr presented the idea of the Reflecta.Network and had a comprehensive exchange with interested parties.


    Pitch&Network Rhein-Main

    Free Lunch Society: 100 Cinemas, 100 Debates

    1 February 2018 all over Germany

    Within 3 months, a team, suitable project partners, and sponsors were put together, partner companies/co-organizers were advised and trained and 100 screening locations with suitable podiums organized.

    Made possible by strong partners:
    Triodos Bank Deutschland nV
    My basic Income e.V.

    Background information



    Concept, Curation, Consulting

    In addition to the realization of my own projects, I help organizations, companies or institutions with the concept development, brainstorming, sustainable orientation and implementation of their companies. We need to develop courageous ideas that are contemporary and unusual. The current challenges are more complex than ever before. For this reason, the approaches to solutions are developed and adapted together on a very individual basis.
    Bringing people to the table who often walk past each other, combining disciplines and looking at the points of contact and inspiring results is one of the tasks that I find most fulfilling.


    ME fOR OTHERS - ReferenCES

    A selection of references


    • Festival Posidonia Formentera 2008-2010 - Curation and Organization Workshops, debates, films
    • Festival Cinemad Madrid 2008-2011 - Curation and Organization Films, Debates and Moderation
    • Ministry of the Interior, Sports, and Infrastructure in Rhineland-Palatinate 2015 - Cultural Programme & Consulting "Fair Worlds".
    • Museum Es Baluard Palma 2015-2016 - Curation Film Programme, Workshops, and Discussions
    • Museum Reina Sofia Madrid 2011 - Curation of socio-critical video art with subsequent round table discussion
    • ÖkoRausch Festival Cologne 2017 - Curation Short Film Programme and Workshop
    • Hafen2 Offenbach 2015 - Curation "(Youth) Subcultures and their Social Influence"
    • Free Lunch Society 2018:100 cinemas, 100 simultaneous debates on 1 February 2018 - curation, project management, consulting and implementation

  • Press

    Ich bin eine Nomadin - Interview, FAZ, Fatima Abbas

    Rethink Your World. 5 Fragen - Interview, enorm, Phillip Bittner