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27.10.2018 Podium at the Bayreuth Dialogues -
The Future Forum for Economy, Philosophy & Society

Panel on New Work

The future of the world of work has a central role at this year's Bayreuth Dialogues. Digitization and globalization have a great influence on companies. The requirements and working environment of employees are changing. The aim of the dialogues is to look at the changes in the world of work from a human perspective. How must we shape the future of our working world so that employees can develop their potential? These and other questions will be discussed at the panel discussion on "New Work" on Saturday, October 27.
Other participants in the discussion will be: Thomas Schalberger, General Manager PR & Press at Toyota, Volker Seidel, 1st representative of IG Metall Ostoberfranken, and Leena Jäger from the communications consultancy "Wigwam".

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