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13/14 November at the Integration Camp Berlin

A cooperation of Grameen Creative Lab, Volkswagen Group Refugee Aid, Network "We together" and the Pegasus GmbH

Since 2015 a large number of refugees have come to Europe and Germany - the first 3 years are crucial for their arrival and further integration. It is now time to look ahead to the next 6 years:

How do we shape the integration work until 2024 and beyond?

Against this background, the Volkswagen Group, in partnership with the Grameen Creative Lab, the " We Together " network and Pegasus GmbH, is organising the "Integration Camp 2024" in Berlin from 13 - 14 November 2018.
The wide-ranging participant matrix of the "Integration Camp 2024" aims to network committed actors and experts from the Volkswagen Group and members of the "We Together" network as well as lateral thinkers and initiators from the refugee work, social business and social work sectors.

Together we will reflect on what has been accomplished so far on the part of refugees, German society and other European actors in the areas of social integration, education and careers, business start-ups and entrepreneurship. The status quo of the previous refugee aid will be worked out together and challenges and opportunities will be addressed openly - What can we do to make refugees a stable part of society and the working world?

The aim is to derive perspectives for the future and let them lead to a common vision. Concepts are to be shared and broadened, concrete projects and the next common steps for successful refugee work are to be agreed upon. A subsequent report summarises the concrete results and is made available to the public.