Foto: Norbert Müller

    I was born in the area around Mainz, Germany and spent a curious and rebellious youth in various German cities.

    Since my early youth, I have been interested in how we can shape our world and influence it constructively, and, not only in my later studies, I embarked on research into the causes of our actions and influences.

    I started studying philosophy, sociology and comparative literature in Mainz and continued my studies in Valencia in 2004. This is where the work with culture began. With the thesis "In search of a new age of curiosity. The attempt of a systematic analysis with regard to Michel Foucault's methodical subjectivity" I graduated in philosophy.


    In 2010 I founded Reflecta - Rethink Your World: A non-profit organization that tries to put my theoretical considerations into practice: www.reflecta.org & www.reflecta.network

    Since 2007, I have been working as a freelancer in Spain and Germany, supporting organizations, institutions and companies in the realisation of their goals (which always promote a sustainable society and meaningful living and working), leading and curating workshops, film events and conferences, advising people on the implementation of their personal projects, providing impulses and creating analyses of urban situations and regions on the topics of future (trends) and sustainability.


    For many years I lived in Spain (Valencia and Formentera). Today I stay between the countries and cities - completely independent of location - wherever Reflecta is active and where inspiration and challenge awaits me. In Germany, however, there is a clear focus on the Rhine-Main region.

    On my journey, I am grateful to a lot of people for their impulses and ideas, which I have dared to pay attention to at the moment.

    The goal that unites all activities is to promote curiosity and the constant change of perspective in people so that we become aware that the potential for change (in us and society) is at least as great as the challenges that we have to face in the future.


    Focus and working method

    My work focuses on sustainable management, new forms of work, economy and social co-existence, identity, self, and sense research as well as cultural mediation. I am currently the director of the Reflecta Filmfestival, head of the Reflecta.Network and work as a speaker, curator, and mentor. I have also been a member of the board of trustchain eG since 2017. The cooperative is concerned with the conception, development, and provision of social networks as well as with the consulting and promotion of companies and organizations that commit themselves to sustainable basic principles.

    I also try to implement new concepts in my personal way of working.

    I would like to oppose the search for the cheapest offer, in the sense of the homo oeconomicus, with humanity, fairness, and transparency. A sustainable society can only function if it implements its ideals internally and externally.

    Whether it's own projects or commissioned work, cooperation at eye level is always a prerequisite. Far from classical leadership and hierarchies, I prefer self-management and competence-based hierarchies and have made very good experiences with this way of working.


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